DK Workbooks - Coding with Scratch - Workbook

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About DK Workbooks: Computer Coding with Scratch Workbook

Kids will easily learn to code games and projects using Scratch with this coding workbook, perfect for school projects or just for fun.

Download Scratch, a simple and free programming language, and get programming quickly with DK Workbooks: Computer Coding with Scratch. It's the perfect coding book for beginners or Scratch enthusiasts who want to find out how to use all the exciting new features, such as new types of blocks and sound effects, of Scratch. This new version of Scratch will also let you code and play games on tablets, and play the games you create on smart phones.

In DK Workbooks: Computer Coding with Scratch, programming for kids is broken down clearly and simply, so children will easily learn how to create their own games, projects, and much more on the screen.